Cardiac Rehab Physiotherapy

Cardiac rehabilitation physiotherapy is a specialized field focused on the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of individuals who have experienced cardiac events or undergone cardiac procedures. The aim is to improve cardiovascular health, enhance functional capacity, and reduce the risk of future cardiac issues.

Physiotherapists assess the individual's cardiovascular health, overall physical condition, and any limitations or concerns following a cardiac event such as a heart attack or cardiac surgery.

Identification and management of cardiovascular risk factors, including hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes, are addressed. Patients receive education on lifestyle modifications for long-term heart health.Tailored exercise programs are designed to gradually improve cardiovascular fitness, incorporating aerobic exercises, resistance training, and flexibility exercises based on the individual's fitness level and cardiac status.

# Key Aspects of Cardiac Rehab Physiotherapy:

  • Cardiac rehabilitation physiotherapy focuses on improving cardiovascular health and functional capacity after cardiac events.
  • Risk factors are assessed, and patients receive education on lifestyle modifications for long-term heart health.
  • Tailored exercise programs gradually improve cardiovascular fitness, incorporating aerobic, resistance, and flexibility exercises.
  • Monitoring during exercise sessions ensures safety and proper adjustment of intensity based on individual responses.
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation is integrated, especially for those who have undergone cardiac surgeries.
  • Education on medication management and adherence is provided to control cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Psychosocial support addresses emotional and psychological aspects of cardiac rehabilitation.

Physiotherapists closely monitor patients during exercise sessions, ensuring safety, adjusting intensity as needed, and providing guidance on proper exercise techniques.Physiotherapy includes interventions to enhance respiratory function and pulmonary rehabilitation, particularly important for individuals who have undergone cardiac surgeries.

Patients receive education on the importance of medication adherence and management, helping them understand the role of medications in controlling cardiovascular risk factors.

Addressing the psychosocial aspects of cardiac rehabilitation, physiotherapists provide support and guidance to help individuals cope with the emotional and psychological impact of cardiac events.

Nutritional counseling is integrated into cardiac rehabilitation, emphasizing heart-healthy dietary choices and portion control to manage weight and reduce cardiovascular risk.

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